Faculty of Arts - Port Said University was established in July 2011

Based on the decision of the President of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces

Republican Decree No. 138 of 2011.

The study began in the same year 2011/2012 through three sections represented:

1 - Department of Arabic Language and Literature.

2 - Department of history and civilization.

3. Meeting Section.

The Arts Sector Committee has agreed to open sections:

1 - English language.

2 - Department of Geography.

3. Psychology.

4 - Department of French language.

5- Department of Philosophy.

The actual study began in 2012-2013 and then the college has eight sections.

In the field of graduate studies, a postgraduate program has been opened in the departments of Arabic language, history and sociology. These departments are awarded the master's and doctorate degrees as well as the preparatory year of the master's degree.

Continuing completion of postgraduate studies in other departments, specifically the Department of Psychology