Vice-Dean of Student Affairs

Name: A / D / Wehbe Hamed Hamid Shalaby

- Specialization / Geomorphology ..

- He was the Vice Dean for Education and Students Affairs at the Faculty of Arts, Port Said University in 2017
Date of birth: 29/7/1962
Date of appointment: 13/9/1997

- Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

- T: 01090609090

- Marital status: Married and dependable

scientific certificates :
Obtained a Bachelor of Arts, University of Tanta Department of Geographically in 1988
. Pre-Masters 1989 - Faculty of Arts - Tanta University
. Master 1995 - Ras Al-Hikma Region - Geomorphology Study - Excellent Appreciation - Faculty of Arts - Tanta University
. PhD 2003 - Headers of the coast of North West Egypt - Geomorphological study - First honor rank - Faculty of Arts, Tanta University.


Assistant teacher at the Faculty of Education, Arish from the date of appointment until 3/12/1998
. Received an internal mission on 4/12/1998
. Appointed a teacher at the Faculty of Education in Arish on 24/6/2003
We moved to the College of Education in Port Said with the same degree on 2/3/2007
. Was transferred to the Faculty of Arts in Port Said in the same degree in 2011
. Assistant Professor, Faculty of Arts, Port Said from 30/4/2014